This new technology can be integrated easily into a variety of insulating materials including soft flexible materials like foam and batting. Heating and cooling functionality can be built into all kinds of products to deliver thermal comfort and energy savings to users.

Vehicle Seating
Personal heating and cooling can improve almost every kind of seating from autos and trucks to heavy equipment and aircraft. Our technology outperforms other technologies in terms of response time, energy consumption, and thermal effect.

Office Seating
The top complaints of office workers are being too hot or too cold. Chairs outfitted with our distributed thermoelectric technology allow everyone in the office to control their own thermal comfort. And, workers can stay comfortable over a wider range of thermostat set points allowing employers to save substantially on their HVAC energy.

Home Seating
The same thermal preferences in offices extend to families and homes. Our distributed thermoelectric technology allows family members to stay comfortable over a wide range of ambient conditions. The potential HVAC energy savings is expected to be hundreds of dollars per year per household.

Our technology allows sleepers to select their own perfect sleep temperature. Thermal discomfort is a substantial issue for many with sleep disorders. Our technology integrates readily into bedding products.