LOCAL - Heating and cooling individuals more and buildings less.

Roughly half of the energy expended in offices is for heating and cooling. Scientists have long understood that if we could effectively and efficiently heat and cool people rather than space the energy savings could be immense. Tempronics has made this concept reality with the introduction of our Temperfect office chair. We embed hundreds of tiny heat pumps into the cushions of every Temperfect chair to allow personal control of thermal comfort. The chair heats and cools conductively without forcing air through the surface and responds quickly.

The user sets the chair’s amount of cooling or heating, and hence their own thermal comfort. The power supply for the chair is identical to that of a laptop computer, and consumes less than 80 watts. By contrast, a room air conditioner typically consumes 1800 watts. The pricing of the Tempronics chair is similar to premium office chairs without this functionality.

The chair allows a full range of adjustment to the seat, tilt angle, arms, back height, and more.
Infrared image of the Temperfect chair. The chair responds immediately and goes from full cooling to full heating faster than other methods.