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Tucson, AZ – August 25, 2014 – Tempronics, of Tucson, AZ, announces that the USPTO patent examiner has allowed 16 claims of its fundamental patent application, “Distributed Thermoelectric String and Insulating Panel”. The patent is expected to issue in the United States in a few weeks. This patent covers Tempronics’ fundamental approach of distributing solid-state heating and cooling elements in surfaces such as seats and beds.

Tempronics’ technology, as covered in the patent, has four fundamental advantages over the prior art: (1) heating and cooling is by contact with the user, eliminating the air holes in the surface which end up blocked by the user, (2) the thermoelectric elements are much closer to the user, improving the response time dramatically, (3) the thermoelectric elements are distributed, eliminating the high temperatures and losses associated with module-based systems, and (4) distributed thermoelectric cooling operates at near skin temperature, where the devices are four times more efficient.

Taken together, these advantages can result in an order of magnitude greater effectiveness for local heating and cooling of people. Large amounts of HVAC energy savings (36% to 50%) have been
demonstrated for offices and for electric and hybrid vehicles in controlled studies using this technology. In these applications, the cost of the technology is recovered very quickly in fuel/electricity savings, battery size, or battery range.

Tempronics’ fundamental patent has already issued in Mexico, Australia, and South Africa, and is still pending in the European Union countries, Canada, Japan, China, India, Brazil, Korea, Indonesia, Philippines, and Egypt.

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