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In addition to providing superior comfort than any other heating/cooling solution on the automotive market, Tempronics offers net energy savings as well. When you are thermally comfortable in your seat, you will dial back your HVAC requirement. This translates into better gas mileage in combustion engines and greater range in electric vehicles.

Time to Comfort

When you’re hot, our seat climate cools you down faster. For example, when entering a hot car our seat climate reaches neutral sensation 2X to 3X faster, and a cool sensation more than 4X faster.

Energy Efficient

Not only does our seat climate system consume less than half the electrical power vs. the competition, the “local” cooling and warming saves an enormous amount of energy on the central HVAC system. That HVAC energy savings has been shown to be as much as 40%.

Reduced Sitting Fatigue

When we must sit for a long time, we get that uneasy feeling and need to shift our weight or stand up for a while. The causes of sitting fatigue are well understood, and surface cooling has been shown physiologically to reduce sitting fatigue. It takes the cooling power of our technology to really make a difference.

Brand Impact

Whether you integrate Tempronics for improved comfort or increased energy efficiency, or both, your reputation as an innovation leader will be enhanced.

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We know the possibilities are endless with a technology like this. We welcome others to partner with us. Let’s accelerate together!