Climate Ribbon Technology

Other Applications

Tempronics’ patented, distributed thermoelectric panels allow heating and cooling functionality to be integrated into seating, bedding and apparel. Our technology provides a highly efficient means of heating and cooling people conductively. A typical panel contains hundreds of tiny thermoelectric semiconductors embedded in foam that act like heat pumps to move heat away or toward users.

Seamless Integration

When you’re hot, our seat climate cools you down faster. For example, when entering a hot car our seat climate reaches neutral sensation 2X to 3X faster, and a cool sensation more than 4X faster.

Competitive Advantage

Not only does our seat climate system consume less than half the electrical power vs. the competition, but the “local” cooling and warming saves an enormous amount of energy on the central HVAC system. That HVAC energy savings has been measured by third parties to be between 30% and 50%.

Software Platform

When we must sit for a long time, we get that uneasy feeling and need to shift our weight or stand up for a while. The causes of sitting fatigue are well understood, and surface cooling has been shown physiologically to reduce sitting fatigue. It takes the cooling power of our technology to really make a difference.

Brand Impact

If you share the wall thermostat with even one other person, chances are you’re too warm or too cold. Tempronics’ seat climate eliminates this problem completely. No more space heaters under the desk that consume 1500 watts. Ours is a better solution and consumes 13 watts or less. And it cools as well as heats.

Integrate with Tempronics

We know the possibilities are endless with a technology like this. We welcome others to partner with us. Let’s accelerate together!