Patented technology

Our distributed, solid state, thermoelectric Climate Ribbons allow cooling and warming functionality to be integrated into seating, bedding and more. Our technology provides a highly efficient means of heating and cooling people conductively. A typical foam Climate Insert contains hundreds of tiny thermoelectric “heat pumps” that move heat to/from the user.

We Cool Differently


Convection:  A fan blows cooled cabin air through ductwork to the seat. The air continuously loses its cooling along the way. A separate heater mat is required to provide heat.


Conduction:  Hundreds of cooling elements residing just below the surface conduct comfort directly to the occupant. Click the switch and the cooling elements immediately become heating elements.

Climate Ribbon

Our Climate Ribbon can easily be integrated into OEM products. The technology eliminates the need for a distribution medium such as forced air or water flow. This results in lower cost, higher efficiency, greater reliability, greater uniformity and lower noise. Our technology integrated into your products will transform the future. Cool people, not air.


Save 30% to 70% HVAC costs

The user can set the chair’s amount of cooling or heating for their own thermal comfort. The power supply for the chair is identical to that of a laptop computer, and consumes less than 80 watts. By contrast, a room air conditioner typically consumes 1800 watts. Our distributed thermoelectric technology allows building occupants to maintain thermal comfort at any thermostat set point between 61F and 84F. By lowering the thermostat setting in the winter and raising it in the summer, users can save a 30% to 70% on HVAC energy.

At home, a combination of Tempronics seating and bedding can save even more. Vehicles with Tempronics technology embedded in their seats provides more range for Electric Vehicles and more fuel economy for traditional vehicles versus using traditional convection cooling and heating.

This technology is easily integrated into existing surfaces and does not affect the structure, look, or feel of the surface.  We have integrated our technology into many different mediums including seats, cushions, beds, wearables, and military stretchers.

The possibilities are endless. If you would like to incorporate this breakthrough technology into your products we would be happy to be your partner.


Thermal Change

Infrared images of a chair with Tempronics technology under the surface.

 The chair responds immediately and goes from full heating to full cooling with the same thermoelectric Climate Ribbon faster than other methods.



Tempronics has secured multiple international patents and additional patents pending on this conductive thermoelectric technology and associated products. At Tempronics, we believe every engineer’s job description includes innovating beyond the state of the art on a routine basis.

Tempronics Advantages

We are excited about the personal comfort this technology will provide.