Tempronics creates a climate for comfort and performance

Our obsession is delivering impactful personalized climate solutions. Please contact us if you would like additional information on our capability or how we can collaborate on solutions for your customers and end-users.


Tempronics was founded with the invention of the Climate Ribbon™ and followed by several years of fundamental product development. The Tempronics Climate System was first introduced as an automotive application in 2013 and led to a strategic investment by Lear Corporation. The rigorous demands of the auto industry led to rugged, durable and cost-effective designs. These product features drew the attention of a broader set of customers in search of improved comfort, safety, productivity, etc.


President & CEO

Don Dutton

Don has over 30 years of experience in aerospace, defense and commercial markets. He has led US domestic and international businesses, from growth stage startups to large aerospace and defense OEM’s including businesses for The Safariland Group and BAE Systems.

Aaron Berntson

Aaron has 19 years experience in manufacturing software and technical services sales and leadership.  He has built and led teams to success in the tech start world, Daptiv, Fulcrum, Urgenci and Periscope-Tech, up to large multi-level manufacturing and enterprise software companies, Metrie and Oracle, managing large and complex sales cycles selling into Fortune 500 companies.


Kevin Countryman

Kevin has 20 years of experience in new product development and product introduction to manufacturing, in both automotive and aerospace markets. He has held senior leadership positions in Engineering Development and Program Engineering at Fortune 500 companies.

Plant Manager

Luis Ibarra

Luis has 22 years experience in operations management for automotive, aerospace
and military customers in the US, Mexico and Europe. He is an expert in process validation, quality, new product introduction, capacity planning. Luis is a master black belt in Lean 6 Sigma.


Inspired challenges, meaningful careers. Our culture is one of possibilities where everyone is empowered to achieve success on their own terms. Together we are shaping the future of thermoelectrics. We value the ambitious, the self-motivated, the creative and the hard-working. Join us on our adventure.

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