We deliver excellence in thermal solutions, with our partners, for their customers and users. Utilizing our deep understanding of thermal technology, we collaborate with design and user experience professionals to develop compelling solutions to challenging thermal problems. The process starts and ends with empathy for the end user and their environment, constantly asking how we can improve comfort, performance and ultimately quality of life.

Our process starts by understanding the users’ needs and desired outcomes for improvements in comfort, performance or well-being. We can rapidly produce prototypes and demonstrate the benefits of improved thermal management. Although human comfort can be subjective, we leverage industry standards to quantify results and demonstrate benefits to end users using standard test and analysis tools developed in our climate studio.

After we have demonstrated the product features and value propositions to the end user, we embrace a structured development process consistent with TS/ISO standards.  We are deploy PMI based project management processes, DFMEA, PFMEA, product verification analysis and testing. Our technology is mature and has been demonstrated across a number of applications that demand high levels of quality and reliability in extreme environments. We can leverage existing designs to accelerate development and reduce time to market for most applications.

The Tempronics manufacturing processes are simple and scalable, focused on automation, continuous improvement and lean principles. Based in Aqua Prieta, Sonora, Mexico, our manufacturing facility is in close proximity to the Tempronics Headquarters and Engineering development center. We are ISO9001:2015 certified and our manufacturing, quality, logistics and design processes been audited for compliance by our customers across markets.

Fast Track Your Design

Explore the possibilities of Tempronics Climate Systems with a Development Kit. Kits are plug-n-play, include all components of a typical Climate System and come in a variety of sizes. Hook up the power supply to a 120v outlet, plug in the digital controller and Climate Inserts™ and you’re ready to experience Tempronics’ advanced thermal capabilities.

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